Earthquake Cinenova Grande 5B

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Like the best things in life, Cinénova Grande is created with love for detail, passion for strength and respect for grace. Cinénova Grande conveys audio without interpretation, coloring or compression - True to life.

Immaculate sound quality matched with massive power and performance places Cinénova Grande at the top in the heavyweight class of high end multi-channel amplifiers. With 2000 watts dynamic and 1000 watts continuous power per channel, Cinénova Grande is the world's most powerful multi-channel amplifier.  It is ideal for both the two-channel high-end enthusiast who wants the benefits of bi-amping, and the serious home theater owner who demands unlimited power even during the most explosive movie sequences.

Are you an experienced enthusiast who is not easily impressed? We guarantee your encounter with Cinénova Grande will reignite your passion for audio. All aspects of Cinénova Grande is designed to enthuse the listener with clear audio quality, unlimited power and unsurpassed value. Precision- built quality in harmony with aesthetic design ensures enduring owner pride and lifelong enjoyment.


    • Modular monoblock configuration
    • 4 kVa transformer that has five secondaries
    • XLR and RCA input jacks
    • Built-in adjustable crossover for bi-amping
    • 5-Channels
    • 5-way binding posts
    • FFI (Fuse Fault Indicators)
    • EZXS amplification blocks