Earthquake CP8

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The CP-8 is a self-powered subwoofer that delivers massive fast bass into your seating position. By placing the subwoofer close to you, the bass is faster, more powerful, and carries massive sub harmonic vibrations with it.

With an integral high-power 300 Watt MAX amplifier, the CP-8 subwoofer provides an RCA input and a high level input with a crossed high level output. CP-8's high output level is designed to match typical satellite speaker systems to enhance the overall sound quality and performance of your system.

The slim enclosure design allows you to place the CP-8 under the sofa, behind it or under the bed.  Now you can have massive bass while using unused space.

Winner of Custom Retailer's EXC!TE Award and the 2010 CES Innovations Award.


    • Built in 300-Watt (150 WRMS) high efficiency Class "A/B" amplifier
    • 8" long throw, premium down firing subwoofer
    • Convenience compact size (H with legs x W x D: 7-5/8" x 24" x 12")
    • Auto ON signal detection circuitry
    • Selective variable crossover
    • 180° phase inverting switch
    • Speaker level input (up to 10 Volts)
    • RCA (low) level audio input
    • Ported, down firing design